The history of Tulum is one of magic, culture and mystique. Tulum is a beautifull village on the south end of the Rivera Maya that enjoys a deep rooted history in the important culture of the ancient Mayan people.

Astronomy and celestial navigation, maritime trade and even weather forecasting were among the Mayan achievements at this small but powerful city-state.

The white sand and turquoise Caribbean sea makes walking on the beach a meditation in itself, the shores of Tulum will impress even the world´s most discerning snob.

In Tulum, luxury and earthiness coexist, simplicity and nature are the new luxury.

The beach with its sheer beauty, the ruins and their energetic portal, the natural sink holes that seem like something out of this world, the food spicy and authentic, the eco-chic hotels, the dim lights and a variety of little boutiques offering well edited accesories, bags and happy vibrant sundresses make Tulum a unique place.

But to top it all off, spirituality has a major role in this beach town. It´s a place where you can choose from a variety of yoga spots, known for on-site shamans, spas and all kind of ceremonies designed to help you clear your head, reconnect with yourself and refocus on your life path.